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Monday, July 26, 2004

In which I am a silly bitch

What, precisely, does it say about me when my trust issues extend to not particularly wanting to meet good friends of my boyfriend on account of their having introduced him to his ex-girlfriend?

I think perhaps it's time to rally the old self esteem. And never write of such things in a public forum again.

Thank god for friends who tell me when I am being a ridiculous asshole, or else I would surely end up as a crazy cat lady with tissues up my sweater sleeves and a drawer full of used twist ties.


At 6:37 PM, Blogger ryan said...

i'm pretty sure I didn't use the phrase "asshole", and i most certainly didn't mention tissues up one's sleeves (which I've never even fricking heard of). nevertheless, I'd just like it noted by all and sundry that I give some pretty damn spot-on advice.

if you've got questions about your love life, chances surviving to the end of your prison sentence, pet care issues, anything, feel free to shoot me a mail, or to come visit *my* spiffy blog. not hosted on blog-sucking blogster, or whatever this is called.

oh yeah, and i'm number one. literally. the first commenter. just as stephanie was on my blog. that my friends, is the 'circle of life' in action. i shit you not.


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