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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Acting Like Grown-ups

So, this past weekend my new husband and I had my friends over for dinner. I won't bore you with the story of how his method of 'cleaning' the living room meant taking everything that was lying around the room and tossing it into a handle bag (which led to my tearful search for our joint checkbook after I had to freeze my account because the cleaning service at my office apparently stole my paycheck). Instead I'll regale you with tales of my friends' adorable girl toddler, Charlotte. Well, one tale, anyway.

She has an attachment to two seemingly identical doll babies. The only way to tell them apart is the clothing ("It's hard to tell, because they are frequently naked," said her mother) and the fact that one doll's eyes are a little different than the other's The best part are the babies' names: Baby Wow and Baby Yayay (or Yaya, which immediately brought me a vision of the wannabe model from America's Next Top Model). My husband immediately commenced calling Baby Yayay "Baby YeahYeah," while using his powers of ventriloquism to make her speak to Charlotte. He is so ready to be a father, it's sickening. I'm trying to be gung ho about our babymaking plans, but he may have caught a glimpse of my naked fear about the whole situation. Must tamp that down!


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