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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Positive Eggly Thoughts

OK, after that last post I learned how to do links (after moaning to Chris that I wanted to be able to just push a button - Lo! There was a button! I clicked, and it was magical. Ahem). So now, I will share with you what I found when I googled "eggwhite+ cervical": Mama Kath.

I'm sure she means well, and maybe her info is good. Carrot juice = cervical mucus? OK, I'll bite. But isn't evening primrose oil something people took in the Dark Ages (i.e. pre-Roe v. Wade) to induce miscarriage?

What I find most disturbing is the photo at the bottom of the page. Lest we worry that Mama Kath is Unwed Mama Kath (oh, the scandal! Avert your eyes), here she is in all her bridal glory. And I thought my dress looked like a giant meringue. Well, maybe it just felt like one - it was about 90 degrees on our wedding day. Luckily I'm of the "Some people sweat; I perspire" crowd. My husband is not so lucky (witness the sweating, stage right).


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