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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fare the well, Betty Crocker* and Sonny, the Cocoa Puffs bird (sob!)

Dear General Mills,

While your commitment to whole grains in your products is impressive, I was saddened to hear of your similar commitment to GMOs. I was also distressed to see that commitment presented alongside the names of your "natural" product lines such as 8th Continent and Cascadian Farms. My understanding is that an organic certification is unrelated to a non-GMO promise. Because of your policies regarding GMOs (and your relentless marketing of GMO foods to children, for which you should be especially ashamed), I will no longer purchase your products. I hope that someday soon, you realize that you are alienating educated consumers and harming the families of your loyal customers, and you will then make the changes necessary to promote healthier food to them.


Mrs. Harridan

* Betty can bite me, as I made brownies from my own mix today (just add 2 (omega 3-fortified) eggs, vanilla extract and chocolate syrup!), with the delicious and healthy extras of almond butter, almond meal and a little bit of flaxseed. It's a delicious omega-3 dream for a girl who doesn't much like fish.


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