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Monday, November 07, 2005

Nature Grrrl

Booby and I spent much of Saturday at the Morris Arboretum, walking around and checking out the autumn foliage. It seemed like all the colors suddenly popped over a space of 3 days - when I was driving to New Jersey for a work appointment on Thursday, a lot of the foliage was dull green. But the Arboretum was gorgeous, full of color.

Here are some of the photos.

I, dirty thief that I am, also filled my pockets with the pirate's booty of seed pods that abounded in the gardens there. I assume that they frown on that sort of thing, but they don't expressly prohibit it, so I don't feel particularly guilty. I "harvested" an entire seed pod from a Dutchman's pipe, which are normally expensive seeds to buy commercially. I can't say I understand why they are so pricey, as the pod contained at least 50 seeds. In any case, I'll be able to fall sow my ill-gotten gains this weekend, if the weather holds.

We also finally cut back our vegetable plants this weekend {snif!}. It was sad, but necessary, and at least we still have carrots to look forward to in another couple of weeks. With the temperature in the 60s, though, it's more than a little depressing to anticipate the coming months of root vegetable-eating. I'm sure I'll be happier about it once Thanksgiving is here.


At 4:04 PM, Blogger Mignon said...

The picture is gorgeous. I leave, but I keep coming back...
We had our first frost almost a month ago, thwarting my husbands aspirations for our giant pumpkin. Topped out at about 175 lbs.
Different zones, different moans, eh?

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Mrs. Harridan said...

My husband is all about the veggies, too. I'm more the flower person. But it's really awesome to be able to eat produce you grew yourself! We went a little crazy with the tomatoes, but they were sooo good. I would like to try pumpkins next year - were they hard to grow?

Was Montana one of the places it snowed this week?

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Mignon said...

Yes to the snow. We woke up yesterday with several inches, which isn't that wierd. It almost always snows on Halloween.
And I'm all about the flowers myself. Dahlias, lupen, peonies and herbs are my favorites. My husband (is he compensating? hmm) likes the giant fruits. The pumpkins are exactly hard, but very time consuming with all the watering, fertilizing and general obsessing. And the take up a huge amount of garden space.
Lucky you with the tomatoes - none of ours ripened (consensus around the valley). :(


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