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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thrift scores aplenty!

Anyone who knows me knows how I luurrrve the thrift store. I hadn't been in a while, so today I woke up nice and early and headed down to K&A to the wondrous Village Thrift. My haul:
  • 3 piece suit for husband (half off, a mere $5! and in excellent shape too. Perfect fit.)
  • gray v-neck sweater for same
  • light blue raincoat
  • tweed jacket
  • stripey brown cords
  • DKNY jeans (someone took a seam ripper to the ankles, but I can either leave 'em that way or take them to the tailor for minimal cash)
  • socks with little acorns on them (I do admit to some trepidation over the socks, though in my callow youth I would buy not only socks, but also shoes and hats without a second thought)
  • a red velvet skirt with a trife sequined butterfly sewn to the bottom (which I plan to remove. a mere 40 cents)
  • a little gray sweater with blue trim
  • a black and white floral cotton pullover blouse (House of Old Navy)
  • red patterned cotton capris
  • a TST Steubenville platter (hello, Ebay!)
  • funky gold plastic 1950s drinking glasses that look very diner-y. Will post photo later (they need some quality time in the dishwasher)
  • a hardback Dalziel & Pascoe mystery for my mom

I passed over: a Bisou Bisou dress, several suits (husband, damn him, is ridiculously picky - though I suppose the fact that he'll wear a secondhand suit is a plus), several items that were not on sale, and several items that had shoulder pads and made me look like Linda Evans in Dynasty. All in all, a good trip: I only spent $28.53 (!) and I quit while I was ahead.

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