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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pu$$y update

Has anyone else using blogger noticed that there's a BIG change in the options? Suddenly I have far fewer icons (what, I don't get to change the font color anymore?), and I don't see HTML until the damn post is published. Blogger, I hate you, I fucking hate you! P.S. Page me later.

Anyhoo, so little Mr. Clyde has a new home. Friends of my friend Ai Li, who is a Crazy Cat Lady like me, recently had their older female cat roll a seven. They wanted their next cat to be a boy, and this is where Clyde comes in. Unfortunately, the husband is out of work, so Booby and I are out of pocket for the vet bills we incurred. Of course, the important thing is that Clyde (now "Elliot") has a loving home. I've already received a progress report, which amazingly didn't include distress at his tendency to knock over plants, complain loudly for food at 4 a.m., or insistent clawing and kneading of one's breasts. There was, however, mention of him finding his way to the top of a very tall chest of drawers. That's my boy!

I miss him quite a bit, though, and I'd really like to get into fostering homeless cats for shelters. Has anyone done this before? Am I crazy? I await your advice and insight.

Meanwhile, my "special needs" cat, Emma, endeared herself to me by shitting in her kitty apartment in such a way that it looked like she spun around like a dervish while evacuating her bowels. And then she wiped her widdle paws all over the (white) radiator cover, the little sweetheart. Poor Booby had to clean it all up and give her a very thorough bath because I'm not allowed to touch cat poo for fear of contracting toxoplasmosis. His rewards will be great for that one. An extra helping of white rice (sadly, this would be a wonderful reward for him, as its lack of health benefits means I have taken it off the menu, and he adores it)!

Anyone else have pet tales of woe? I know all you dog owners probably have a million and one!


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous rhonda said...

We had a shelter dog for a few days, and he ended up biting my nephew pretty bad and we had to take him back. It was so sad, I cried for days. But my kids were littler and I couldn't take the chance of that happening to them :(

At 10:46 AM, Blogger MisterBaggins said...

My cat Luke loves to get to the highest point of a room and cry for about an hour. He'll stand at the door and cry. In the past year he has taken to peeing on my bed. I had to buy a new mattress and buy plastic fitted sheets. Every morning the first thing I do is take off all the cotton sheets. Occasionally he'll pee on the plastic sheet while I'm in the shower. He stopped for a few months and then he started again just this week.

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Tink said...

1st off: That "I fucking hate you" letter is PRICELESS. Although I seriously want to shake the girl who wrote it.

2nd off: I could write you a NOVEL of all the crap (literally and not) that my dogs have done. One word girl: Underwear. I've invested a small fortune in replacing the one's Duff (or Paneadur as Hoop now calls him) has eaten.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger MrsFortune said...

Oy, tales of pet woe, I wouldn't know where to start. I have fostered many animals for shelters ... dogs and cats. I'll just caution you that most organizations aren't THAT concerned about finding homes for the cats, becaue they're lower maintenance. And once you take in one, you're all "well, how hard can one MORE really be" etc., etc. And I think I may be out of the loop but I know you're at least trying to get preggers - the whole toxoplasmosis thing scares me, having two cats.

Also - cats are obviously harder to transport than dogs and so the cats don't get taken to a lot of the adoption shows, in my experience. FInd out what the requirements for adoption are, too, some organizations are REALLY REALLY stringent about who they will allow to adopt (which can be good in a way) but then you may have found what you think is a good home for the cat and the organization may say no, we can't adopt to them because their last cat was missing for two days.

Sorry for the longest comment EVAH!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Mignon said...

Last Christmas, our wonderfully behaved lab got out of kennel when we were at the in-laws for dinner and ate all of my Christmas chocolate, pooped all over the house, ate my daughters puppets and most of the ornaments off of the lower branches of our tree. Never before or since has he either poo'd in the house or eaten anything except food. It looked like Sigma Nu after a particularly odious house party in here.

If you're all torn up about losing Clyde, aren't you going to go through it over and over again by fostering other cats?

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous jess said...

Cats don't carry toxoplasmosis unless they go outside and eat dead stuff. If they're outside cats, you don't clean their litterbox when you're pregnant. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter, from what I understand.

We have two cats and a dog, and my husband is allergic to the cats. This is adult onset allergies, so there's no way I'm getting rid of the cats. He pops a pill every day and I feel momentarily guilty, and then we go on our merry way.

I think fostering cats is awesome---and I would love to be able to do work like that. If you have the space and time (and a husband who isn't allergic) you should go for it.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Arabella said...

My cat once made our pantry look like Mr. Hanky had paid a visit.

It's unfortunate that cats can't use toilet paper.

And my childhood dog had a fondness for my parents' favorite, and most expensive, area rug. She is long departed, but her "spirit" lives on in that rug.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger The Gradual Gardener said...

I found four kittens until a bush at work a few years ago. The people who worked there said the mother was a stray who had kittens every year. I looked for her, but couldn't find her, so I just took the kittens. I brought them to my vet, and I was on pins and needles while waiting for the results of the Leukemia test. Fortunately it came back negative. I took them home and fed them formula with an eyedropper, and we kept them for a few weeks until they were old enough to eat real food; then we put an ad in the paper and found them all homes. I know I did the right thing, but my heart still breaks thinking of that mother cat coming back to find them all gone. I still look for her when I go to that job, but I haven't seen any sign of her, or any more kittens. By the way, I also ended up with the bill, which was just over $200.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Katherine said...

With a lab and two cats I do have a million tales but I'm still wiping my eyes from laughing so hard at your "roll a seven" reference. I'm assuming the poor dear "crapped out". I've just never heard of someone refer to a pet's passing in that way and I cannot stop laughing - priceless!! I can't wait to use that line - of course, I don't want any pets to die, I'll just make up some story where I can throw that in like, "My poor friend Jean's Grandma rolled a seven last night." ah ahahahaha. Also wanted to tell you I read that Charlaine Harris book a couple of months ago and really liked it - hope she writes more with those characters. Just finished a great English mystery you might like. It's called "Old Wine Shades" by Martha Grimes - excellent.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Mrs. Harridan said...

Katherine, thanks for the recommendation - I'll check it out! I read that Charlaine is going to continue with the characters she introduced in Grave Sight, and she's fairly prolific, so we should have a new one to enjoy soon.

Glad you liked my little turn of phrase! My other favorite way of saying the same thing is "taking a dirt nap."


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