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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

'Cause it's a steady job

So, I guess I've been living under a rock or something, because I didn't realize until the other night that Liz Phair is "modeling" for the Gap. I've seen those ads, Joss Stone telling me, in a confidential, yet innocent manner, that her favorite song is God Only Knows. It wasn't until I was in the store itself (in GapKids, in my own defense*), that I saw the giant poster of Liz leaping around in her "favorite" straight boot cut jeans, displaying her muffin top with gleeful abandon.

Oh, Liz, why have you forsaken me? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I expect this sort of thing from Alanis Morrissette and maybe even from Jason Mraz. I think the thing that got me the most is the quote from her:
"Gap is the definition of American casual style. They are the mavens of confident cool." They are? Confident cool? Seriously. Let's lay it on the line, here: Gap has become cookie cutter. Gap invents a trend on a seasonal basis in order to boost its sales. Gap owns a host of casual clothing shops (Old Navy, Banana Republic and now Forthe & Towne), each of which caters to a core group's presumed fashion needs, but delivers the same level of quality to each group. Is this really the company that embodies "confident cool"?

She didn't even get her song on the CD. Is that because she has a terrible agent, or because she can't hit the notes for Cheek to Cheek?

*Let the record show, however, that I do own a Gap card, and I recently bought some things for my husband there.


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Stacey said...

I still shop at the Gap, mostly because I lack imagination. And, their jeans fit me well and make me look thin(ner).

Liz Phair is a whore. There really is no way around it now, and I have shelved my optimism that she will ever rediscover her integrity and self-respect and focus her energy on making smart, inventive music again.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Mrs. Harridan said...

Just listened to the new album on Amazon. Trash! Sigh.


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