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Saturday, January 28, 2006

In which I am a raving lunatic, for about one day

Yeah. I've been kind of crappy with the updating. But let me tell you, I had a long, not-so-good week. Last Friday, I began my first Clomid cycle. I was worried that I would become a raving maniac, because I have, shall we say, a history of the bad PMS. My poor, beleagured husband can attest to the extremity of my symptoms (although he will still seemingly purposefully incur my wrath by asking if I'm "on the fucking rag.").

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I seemed to be on an even keel. I took Clomid from Friday through Monday, happily popping my pills at the same time each night (as instructed), even trundling home from our local bar with a friend to do so before going back to have another cider. Everything was cool.

My doctor told me to take ovulation tests for a week after starting. My husband was going on an overnight business trip on Tuesday, so of course that was the night I got a positive test -- maybe, because I peed on the stick and then forgot to look at it again until 15 minutes had elapsed. Sigh. I went to bed early and decided not to worry. The following night I went to pick him up from the train station, and wouldn't you know that it was then that the hormones started kicking in? I cursed, screamed and generally acted an ass to all the other drivers on the road (though, in my defense, they were pretty bad drivers, and I'm not known for my patience on a good day). Things only worsened when we got home and Booby was irritated that I hadn't emptied the dishwasher or put away the dishes he had left out before going away. That didn't go down too well with Mrs. Hormones, and she let him know who was boss (i.e. not him). I threw things, sniveled and wondered if 8 months would be considered too early for divorce. Booby went to bed. We worked things out later.

Skip ahead to Friday morning, when I had scheduled a PK . My doctor informed me of a few things:
  1. I was supposed to test the week AFTER the Clomid cycle, because it's been known to give false positives (ding ding!)
  2. I had, as of that day, "gorgeous follicles" (I believe that means they are ready to go forth and be fertilized). She showed me them on the ultrasound screen and they just look like big black spots. She showed me my uterus, too.
  3. Our PK results were the best the visiting gyno had ever seen (he is a man, very nice, but I'm not thrilled with male gynos; so sue me. He had a clammy handshake and didn't gel up the ultrasound wand to my satisfaction. I feel sad for his wife, whomever she is). Even my doctor pronounced it "A+". They let me look at the swimmers again. This test is one of the few that my shitty insurance company will actually foot the bill for, so that makes the experience a little more enjoyable than some others. They don't however, pay for the ultrasound.

I'm glad to have such visible results after just one go on the Clomid. Now we'll see if we can make this thing happen sometime soon.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger mama_tulip said...

Congrats on the awesome results! Kinda makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Fingers are still crossed for you. :)

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Nancy said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too. Hope it continues to be smooth sailing, and that the fussy hormones keep themselves at bay too.

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Ditsy Chick said...

I hope you end up preggers AND the hormone goddesses are kind to you.

I don't do male gynos. I can't I had one when I was 19 and he cussed at me for 2 things I believer were none of his medical busines...No sympathy, painful exam and holier than thou attitude. I felt sorry for his wife and other patients.

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Ditsy Chick said...

Well good luck interpreting that comment with all of its typos.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Jess said...

All those positive test results are good news. Isn't is grand how infertility strains your marriage, and yet you're expected to have regularly scheduled intercourse regardless? I just love that part. Not stressful at all. What a sexy, fun time. Except, of course, NOT. Your mileage may vary, of course.

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Arabella said...

Hey, Gorgeous Follicles! (Insert whistle sound here.) I'm glad to hear that things are going well medically. Fertility treatment is a bitch, no?

At least you are beautiful and funny. :)

Looking forward to dim sum!

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Mignon said...

I had a male gyno for my first baby. I always wondered whether a man would offer more sympathy and a woman more "suck it up" kind of treatment. I was lucky to have very good care with both a woman and man.

I'm glad for your good news, and hope your weekend was Productive!

At 8:23 AM, Blogger The Gradual Gardener said...

I dislike going to male gynos, not because I have a problem with the doctor being male, but because they're so afraid I'm going to sue them for inappropriate contact that they bring a female nurse into the room when they examine me. It's bad enough having ONE person see you in that position. I don't need the chatty nurse going on and on about the sale at Macy's while he's busy DOWN THERE, especially since I know she can't wait to meet up with all the other nurses at the water cooler to discuss who remembered to shave their legs and who didn't. So now I only see female gynos.

Congrats on your Fabulous Folicles! Wishing you many happy (and successful) rendezvous!

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous TB said...

That is great news! It must be a relief to know that you responded to the Clomid. That's a good sign! Will you IUI, or are you going natural for this cycle?

At 4:01 PM, Blogger wordgirl said...

Taking Clomid made me feel as though I were a car and someone was depressing the gas AND the brake AT THE SAME TIME!!

As for the homicidal maniac side effects of PMS...I'm right there with ya!

At 11:17 AM, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

My male gyno I had in another state told me I had nice breasts. Some would be offended but not me. I thought it was a huge compliment since he saw boobies all day long!!

Good luck - I hope your sperm and egg get together very soon!

Is Clomid one of those that may enable you to have triplets??

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Tink said...

Fantastic news! Rage on girl. He's male. He gets enough perks out of life. I.E. peeing while standing. He can deal with a little moodiness. ;)


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