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Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend with Lulu

This weekend was unusually action-packed with last-minute outings. It was fun, but I've become so used to weekends full of laundry and other housekeeping with occasional forays into cooking for the coming week that I am easily tired out by doing anything more labor-intensive than that. How very lame!

Friday, my sister and her niece (my goddaughter) came over for dinner, as my mother had given me tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Walnut Street Theatre (the parental units have a seasonal subscription). I like having my sister over because she thinks I am the funniest person on earth, as well as the best cook (I'm not either of those things, needless to say), so my thrown-together meal of chicken breasts, Jolly Green Giant Niblets corn (4 minutes in the microwave!), and tri-color couscous was well-received (I was ashamed at my lack of green vegetables, but I didn't have time to go to the store). Generous portions of Riesling helped considerably, I think (the state store is only a block from my office).

I haven't spent a chunk of time with my goddaughter in forever, so it was nice to just hang out with her and watch Spongebob and That's So Raven. Even if Raven is, like, totally annoying. warning! terrible R&B Disney stylings will emit from your speakers! She's a cool kid, 11 going on 30, and super-smart. We went out to lunch before the show, and the lady seated next to us said: "As a school principal, I just have to compliment you on how precocious and full of life you are! You're obviously very smart." I don't think Lulu was impressed by that, but I sure was. I guess she's used to being perceived as a wise-beyond-her-years mini-adult.

Saturday night found us driving to Delaware to deliver Lulu back to her parents, and from there going to dinner with them at Harry's, which is a great place, full of atmosphere and friendly people, though a tad pricey.


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous db said...

State store is such a wonderful term. Reminds me of being young and going on booze runs with my mother for my grandmother's upcoming poker game. Do young people in PA still use that term or are you the only one keeping the flame alive?

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Mrs. Harridan said...


yep, we still use that term occasionally. Most often we say liquor store, but of course, in PA, one is constantly reminded of the fact that the booze sales are mandated by the State of PA and the LCB. Anyone heading out to dinner or a friend's house on a Sunday morning has experienced that head-slapping moment when he realizes that no wine will be had that day. And they wonder why all the Pennsylvanians go across the bridge to buy booze (not that I ever would, ahem, because it is illegal). Though I do love Canal's Liquors, in Jersey.


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