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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Search terms, part 157

Skateboard girls
Peed her pants on MTV: Was it Fergie? I'm pretty sure that's her thing.
Dressed up cats: I can provide those. Also, look here.
Gyno exam
Drunk girl:
I guess I should be happy it didn't say something about following drunk girls home. Someone I went to college with used to do that. Loohooooser.
"get these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane": I still can't wait to see this.
Rescue Me Denis Leary misogyny: Ugh. Just ugh.
kretschmer's granola: I use the wheat germ in baked goods. Good stuff.
what does it mean to blow in a girls ear: All I know is, it drives my husband insane when I do that to him. Not in a good way. And not that he's a girl. Just a tap-dancin' fool.
where can I buy fingerless gloves in Upper Darby: Nowhere, but you used to be able to get them in Northeast Philly at Warrior. Which is now, apparently, strictly a piercing shop. Oh well.


At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Oh God, it's the Fergie-peed-her-pants photo! Her publicist tried to claim it was sweat-uh, don't think so.

Did you know that the Snakes on a Plane line you quoted was ADDED to the movie after fans pretty much demanded it on the movie's website. Behold, the power of the Internets.

Fingerless gloves? Are those back in style?


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