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Monday, March 05, 2007

Your daily serving of product review

I've been on a roll with the product reviews in the last couple of weeks. This time we have Fiber One Chewy Bars, oats & chocolate flavor. They have 9g of fiber, which is about 35% of the daily recommended serving (but this varies by gender and age). Let's break this down:

  • These bars are lot moister than most "nutritious" bars, though of course the level of nutrition is debatable (see below). I normally eat Kashi bars because of the benefits of whole grains, but I have to admit that those things make one's mouth feel like the Sahara in July.
  • It was nice to taste the oats in the bar, and even the taste of the salt came through, which might sound gross, but was pleasant.
  • I think these are slightly helpful in greasing your inner wheels, so to speak, but as a pregnant woman who is ingesting a prenatal vitamin, as well as extra iron to stave off RLS, I need more than a fiber bar. I need a nuclear-grade psyllium husk/Colace cocktail. But for one day, they did an OK job. Booby ate two bars and he was happy with his results.
  • What is "confectioner's shellac," anyway?
  • What is high maltose corn syrup, anyway?
  • Hmmm, I already know what high fructose corn syrup is. Ecchh.
  • Palm kernel oil, a cheap cooking oil that's probably going to become very popular for biodiesel, is probably the culprit of these bars' 1.5g of saturated (bad) fat.
  • Almost too chocolately (I know, is there such a thing?) - do I really need a zigzag ribbon of chocolate icing over the top of the bar AND a metric ton of chocolate chips? Likely not.
In short, these Chewy Fiber Bars are definitely NOT an "all the time" food. (warning: audio)
Perhaps the better choice would be a Gnu Flavor & Fiber bar (which I would be happy to test and review on this blog, hint hint, Gnu Foods). 12g of fiber and no HFCS. Kinda pricey, though ($1.99 aq bar? Say it ain't so, Gnu!).



At 10:37 AM, Anonymous wordgirl said...

I've stopped looking at the contents of what I eat. I figure, if it helps a Twinkie stay fresh on the shelf for ten years...maybe it will help preserve me just as well.

At 12:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a sample of this and was disgusted to see something called confectioner's shellac -- last time I looked, shellac was a resin used to make floors shiny. So I looked it up and it really and truly is the secretion of a beetle (called the lac-beetle). No joke!

Yummy, yummy....these are NOT going in my tummy.


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